Today T-Tapp is more important to me than ever before.

Recently I read that “A 50 year-old can function as a 70-year-old or a 30-year-old. It’s up to you.” (Shape magazine, September 2013)

Now I am in my 50’s and thriving.  Mentally and physically, I’m meeting life’s challenges with strength and balance.  I credit my time well-spent doing the workouts and using T-Tapp techniques all throughout my day for the physical and mental advantages I enjoy today.

We can dress and present ourselves exquisitely, maybe even be a coveted slender size, but that alone is not enough if our choices and actions have left us inept and fragile. Think about it. Do you want to stop traffic because you’re fit and vibrant or because you hobble and move too slowly in the pedestrian crosswalk?

Give yourself the gift of functional fitness with T-Tapp. It’s never too late to treat yourself well.


Fitness Background

I was a certified T-Tapp Trainer 2001-2013, and have held IFPA certifications in Personal Fitness Trainer (2001 through 2011), Lifestyle Fitness Coach, and Women’s Fitness Specialist. Health and fitness were always main interests for me but after passing the age of 30, staying in shape became a losing battle until finding T-Tapp in 1999.

I was tired of struggling with my body

My background is that I’ve struggled. I’ve tried many different forms of exercise and diets for years and watched my body and health deteriorate. I understand what it’s like to devote all of one’s spare time and energy to grueling workouts, numerous diets, desperately searching for answers in the fitness books and magazines – and yet experience poor health and look more out-of-shape than non-exercisers. The first thing I noticed about T-Tapp was how great it made me feel.  Accustomed to exercise that punishes, it’s the first workout I’ve tried that’s truly kind to my body and really works – it’s unlocked the key to health and it’s a pleasure to incorporate the T-Tapp principles into my daily life. More and harder exercise is not the answer – it\s exercising smarter and treating your body with an awareness of its functions, working with it rather than against.

Sharing T-Tapp with Others

Sharing T-Tapp has been a wonderful part of my life and today in my role as T-Tapp Enthusiast, I hope to continue to encourage, inspire, and share information to help with happy, healthful living and proper T-Tapp technique.

Thank you for visiting this site! – Margit