Better Booty Blast Day 1

Hand holding a daisy For one of my favorite (there are many favorites) T-Tapp routines is what I call a Better Booty Blast. It’s a Primary Back Stretch followed by the Lower Body routine from the Tempo Lower Body DVD. And, if you’re wondering, why not do the standing portion too – if you choose, do that first as well.

You can check out this T-Tapp Tempo Lower Body DVD here.

But it is totally fine to do a Primary Back Stretch followed by the floor portion of Tempo Lower Body. In fact, it’s an interesting experiment to do the floor part (or any of the Hit the Floor routines in place of the Tempo Lower Body Floor) and see how different a standing T-Tapp workout feels after 7 days of floor workouts.

Better Booty Blast Day 1 Advice:

ALWAYS do a thorough PBS before any floor movement. You can do either the regular version or the More version with the towel. If you need help being led through it, simply put in the video of your choice and follow Teresa as she leads you through PBS.

Then switch to the floor half of Tempo Lower Body (TLB).

Lie on the floor – no beds or cushions, though you may of course do this on carpet, use a floor rug or yoga mat.

Wear regular workout shoes but not weighted shoes. Do wear shoes.

It’s normal to not enjoy this if you haven’t done floor work or T-Tapp for awhile. But that will soon change because it gets easier after the first 3 days. It’s ok to do less reps these first few days. Just do what you can do with the best form that you can do. Less reps with better form is your aim as you begin.

Let the housework wait, not your body. You may notice cobwebs and dustbunnies from this new vantage point. Resist the urge to stop and clean house. You may be looking for a way out – be strong, don’t do it!

Day 1 Lower Body Tip:

Floor work is very rewarding. Once you get past the first few sessions, your results happen fast. You have gravity helping you to keep shoulders aligned with the hips which is a huge plus.

Sometimes when we first start floor work, we have areas that feel sore and maybe even bruise. Often these areas lack muscle tone which very quickly will firm up and no longer hurt at all. Don’t be discouraged. Just stick with me and it will get much easier in a few days.

Pay extra attention today on those In/Outs. Keep feet aligned with knees and toes pointed. No feet touching each other or ending up in the crotch area. It takes stomach muscles to keep that space between the feet. You can do it!