Better Booty Blast Day 2

woman showing jeans too big in tummy area

Quick Reminder: Better Booty Blast is the T-Tapp Primary Back Stretch followed by the Floor Segment of T-Tapp Tempo Lower Body

Better Booty Blast Day 2 Advice:

This is crucial.

ALWAYS do a thorough T-Tapp Primary Back Stretch before any floor movement. You can do either the regular version or the T-Tapp More version with the towel. If you need help being led through it, simply put in the video of your choice and follow Teresa as she leads you through PBS.

Then switch to the floor half of Tempo Lower Body (TLB).

Ok – here we are on Day 2. Your body may feel more tender than yesterday.

The only way to condition yourself and get past this stage is to be patient with yourself.

Work through it – do your best and don’t be discouraged.

As you go through this initial start period, you may feel impatient with yourself with lack of abdominal strength (those In/Outs, Pretzel Twist, Diva Derierre) , or trouble trying to straighten those knees (Awesome Legs, straddles) , or feeling inflexible (Half Frogs, Pretty Legs).

Just do your best for this day. Tomorrow you will be able to do more. You’ll see!

It’s acceptable to not do every rep at this point. But the one’s you do…make sure you give it your all and them them correctly.

Day 2  Lower Body Tip: Don’t be afraid of Organs in Place.

You may want to pause your DVD and go over the initial Organs In Place more slowly the first few times if you’re new at this move.

Question: What is the point of doing this Organs In Place Move with the tighten and release efforts? 

Answer: You are building and maintaining your natural muscular girdle.

One of the most common mistakes Beginners make is to lift hips too high off the floor and go into a bridge position too soon.

In order to actually move your organs, you need to relax the lower abs and breathe shallowly as you move the insides, so only lift hips a few inches off the floor at this point to have gravity help move those organs upward.

Before you lift the hips, set up with feet, knees, hips and shoulders all in alignment.

Toes need to point straight ahead (no duck feet) and you can adjust heels as close to your body as is comfortable for you.

Next lift hips a little ways off the floor, breathe from your upper abs, relax the lower part and put organs in place starting with left side first. I myself put my hands together with index fingers side to side, feel along the front of that left hip bone, and start there by pushing in with fingertips of both hands, then pushing the area toward the center. Hold there…think “Tighten, Release, Tighten, Release.”

If you cannot feel your abs tighten and release, learn the Haa Breathe and do it at this point of Organs In Place.  (Haa Breath info follows this Organs In Place tip.)

Release hands and repeat the move beginning along the front of the Right hip bone. Tighten, release, tighten, release.

Then fingertips in the center above the pubic bone, push in, roll up, if your hands are not at the navel, push in again and roll up. Now you’re at the navel, so again Tighten, Release, Tighten, Release. Keep hands pushing in or release hands and put elbows to the floor or hands in the “Y”.

Once organs are in place, think “knees-toward-little-toes” (this is a subtle move) and next think to lift the big toes. This irons our your tummy even more and puts knees in alignment and helps open the hip joints too.

Think “navel to the spine” and lift hips a bit higher into full bridge position, remember – toes forward in line with hips and knees pushing outward… and you are ready for those famous fanny tucks.

HAA Breath: Remember this – Breath connects the Mind to Muscle.

With practice as you do Organs In Place/Half-Frogs it will become easier and easier to pull your “navel toward your spine” with just thought and effort.

To do the Haa Breath lying on the floor before doing Organs In Place put a palm on your lower abs and exhale a regular breath and feel those muscles tighten.

Next, take a few breaths, then with palm again on lower abs, keep head motionless on floor but allow your lower jaw to drop open an inch or so and when you exhale, say HAA aloud. Feel your abs contact a lot harder? Not only does this help you tighten your abs, it lifts the pelvic floor.

So – doing Organs In Place when Teresa says , “Tighten, Release, Tighten, Release” you can breathe out with the HAA breath and really feel the tightening.