Better Booty Blast Day 3

Smiling Woman Stretching Forward

Quick Reminder: Better Booty Blast is the T-Tapp Primary Back Stretch followed by the Floor Segment of T-Tapp Tempo Lower Body

Better Booty Blast Day 3  Workout Advice:
If you’re sore and/or bruised this is usually the worst it’s going to be. Plus once you get moving here, you will feel better.

This is progress and Day 3 is a turning point. Today you really are able to do more reps of the moves that you may be skimping on. Try it and see!

Become more aware of your body – are you a bit more flexible or stiffer? Some moves will feel different and you’ll notice you can do them better.

Day 3 Lower Body Tip: Let’s make this easier and more effective with Lat Activators.

Here’s how:

  • First we do a good PBS then sit on the floor with legs outstretched and lean back on our palms in a relaxed manner.
  • We take it easy, slouch a bit….
  • then try to contract the lats.
  • This is an AH-HA moment. Because when slouched we CANNOT contract the lats at all. Think of all the moves on the floor you did while slouching – it was a struggle to contract the abs and stay stable and now you know why – the lats were not contracted. Your form was off.

So – next step would be to fix our form. Sitting as you are, pay attention to how your abs and torso feels as you:

1) Push shoulders back as you come out of the slouch

2) Bend elbows toward your torso

3) Turn hands on the floor so fingers point towards the wall behind you – going as far as is comfortable for you


Now feel the lats – they should be activated. Now it’s easier to contract the abs – think belly-button toward the spine. All of your moves will feel better, you’ll be stronger, stable, and perform better. Breathing will be easier as well.

Remember when you catch yourself slouching to use your lat activators

1) shoulders back

2)bend elbows

3) lift thumbs

This should remind you of lower body alignment – you know, toes forward , knees-to-little-toes , tucking, and ,instead of lifting thumbs, you lift the big toes.

Day 3  suggestion: Do your CRT brushing and use that time for positive self-talk. Congratulate yourself for getting through the hardest part of this Better Booty Blast. Connect with the love you feel for your body. If you have trouble with this, envision someone you love and think how you find them endearing, flaws and all. Turn that same love and compassion toward yourself.

Good job – see you tomorrow!