Better Booty Blast Day 4

Hands holding sunbeams

Quick Reminder: Better Booty Blast is the T-Tapp Primary Back Stretch followed by the Floor Segment of T-Tapp Tempo Lower Body

Better Booty Blast Day 4 Advice:  Notice it’s gotten easier!

This is where it starts to become enjoyable. You should begin to feel many positive results. From here on out, every day you will notice you are stronger and can do these moves better and more comfortably. Really pay attention and appreciate that your body is such a miracle and can shape up so fast.

Day 4  Lower Body Tip:

This is one of my favorite floor tips. It’s for the moves Pretzel Twist and Diva Derriere and I call it the Tipping Point Check.

Let’s start with Pretzel Twist. You lie on your side with your hips stacked, body totally straight and toes pulled up, heels pushing down. (This opens the lymph nodes behind your knee and fights cellulite, so keep those toes pulled up for this part.)
Your free hand is pushing in the back of your top hip bone and you are dropping that elbow toward the floor behind you (this keeps shoulder rotated back and helps you use leverage with that hand that is pushing your hip forward. It also contracts the lats which helps you to stabilize and burn more fat.)

Ok – this is subtle but very important. Push your top hip forward with that hand pressing in the back of your hip bone. Roll forward slightly so that the side of your front thigh (quad) touches the floor.
Roll to the point where you feel like you are teetering on top of a wall and about to fall forward,
teetering …  at the crucial point, you will feel your abs suddenly tighten to hold you upright onto your side. You will use those balance muscles and the only help you’ll have to keep from falling over is that flexed bottom foot. THIS IS IT. Play with it a second – lean back, lean forward…get to know the point where abs engage.

Don’t give up and hide behind that excuse of having hips exactly stacked. Teresa tells us over and over to keeping pushing that hip forward! So…push top hip forward to Tipping Point.

If you lean back slightly with hips stacked and weight balanced fully on your side, your abs/core will not engage. This is cheating and less effective. So make it count – you can do this!

When you reach the Tipping Point those same muscles that you feel during standing balance segment have to work to keep your body balanced as you lie on your side.

Now – stay at the Tipping Point as you lift the leg with toes pulled up.

Notice when you get to the next part, Teresa says, “Roll the hip back…” At this point you come out of the Tipping Point as you point the toe, bring bent knee up in line with ear….I won’t go over the whole move because you have Teresa break it down for you in the Tempo Lower Body Tips Section. Make a point to go over it with her and you’ll get the best results ever!

Diva D. …Use the same Tipping Point check and awareness in every part of Diva Derriere.

Keep up the good work!