Better Booty Blast Day 6

fit woman showing waist

Quick Reminder: Better Booty Blast is the T-Tapp Primary Back Stretch followed by the Floor Segment of T-Tapp Tempo Lower Body

Better Booty Blast Day 6 Advice: You are doing all the reps now, right? If not, give yourself a push and try. Try for all reps with super form. Think how far you’ve come since Day 1!

Day 6’s Lower Body Tip: Full contraction/full extension. Remember this advice applied to your standing T-Tapp workouts? How do we apply this to floor moves?

This is Day 6 – you are MUCH stronger now, more flexible and able to get the legs straighter if not all the way straight. Think LINEAR. Straight clean lines. Use your abs to lift those legs.

Full contraction/full extension….when Teresa says to flex the feet – pull up those toes! Straighten legs to your range of abilty, pretend you have a string tied to your toes as you pull them up…NOW, reach with the HEEL as you pull up the toe.  This opens the lymph behind your knee.

When Teresa say’s ” Point the Toes”, reach with your entire leg.  Think long, lean legs moving in alignment and reach with those toes.

Apply this to the straddles but go a step further. Teresa tells you “lift up” as your legs come together. With feet flexed LIFT UP with the heels and the entire legs. When the toes are pointed, reach up with the entire leg again – but this time it’s different.

Half-Frogs – what does Full Contraction/Full Extension mean in this move?

Alignment – knee to ankle in a straight line. Hip to knee in a straight line. The tuck here is a muscular contraction. Think to activate muscles of the hips, butt, thighs as you bring the knees together and as you open the legs, go the full range of motion smoothly and with control. When you bring the knees toward your shoulders and lift the fanny, use muscles but do it smoothly. No need to struggle. Just do the move with smooth control.

You can do this – You ARE doing it! Only one more day and you’ll be done!