Better Booty Blast Day 7

Happy Woman Leaping Over Ocean

Quick Reminder: Better Booty Blast is the T-Tapp Primary Back Stretch followed by the Floor Segment of T-Tapp Tempo Lower Body

You made it all the way!!!

Better Booty Blast Day 7 Advice: Before you begin your workout today, take a few minutes and reflect on your life and whatever is happening in it. Consider a need you may have, a problem you may be working on, a loved one that concerns you. State an Intention to devote the energy of this workout towards. It can be part of your daily ritual…whatever you choose.

Notice how different the workout feels when you use the power of Intention? Sometimes you work harder when you do it for someone else or a cause beyond yourself.

Day 7’s Lower Body Tip:

Let’s talk about a simple floor move that is a massage for your back and does wonders. It’s Rock and Roll, detailed here:

You can use a little momentum if you need it to get rocking. One of your bodies’ responses to this (if you do it regularly) is that the back muscles that run along the sides of your spine will build up somewhat and create a cushion effect. This further protects the spine and gives you added strength and tone.

Pretty neat, don’t you think? Isn’t your body a miracle?

I like to add Rock-n-Rolls to whatever floor routine that I do. Also it’s good to do daily – like when watching TV.

How did today’s workout differ from your first one?

Has your attitude toward your body and T-Tapp floor workouts changed since Day 1?

Where to go from here? Take a day off if you like…or if you are curious as to how a standing T-Tapp workout will be different now…try one tomorrow and see! Pay attention – it will be different because now your core is stronger. Now that you have proven to yourself that you are a success with the floor work, why not do a floor workout or Organs in Place, Half Frogs, Pretzel Twist, Diva Derierre and Rock-n-Rolls about 2 times a week?

Congratulations on completing your Better Booty Blast!!!!