Better Booty Blast Day 5

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Quick Reminder: Better Booty Blast is the T-Tapp Primary Back Stretch followed by the Floor Segment of T-Tapp Tempo Lower Body

Better Booty Blast Day 5’s Advice: Congrats on sticking with this all week! Sail through the weekend and pay even more attention to linear alignment. Get your workouts done early if you can.

Day 5’s Lower Body Tip: Let’s go over Lat Activators when lying supine.

 Ok – so you do your sitting-up floor moves. Then you lie down to continue….When you put shoulders to the floor, once again you need to identify Lat Activators and use them to make the moves easier and more effective.

Lie on the floor, have spine straight with knees in line with hips, feet in line with knees and toes pointing straight ahead.

One way to activate the lats is to push your elbows into the floor.

The other way to activate the lats is to have hands in either fists, donuts or butterflys (which is thumb and pinky pointing outward and inner 3 fingers curled toward palm – like the surfer Hang-10 sign).

1) we’ll have  hands resting on floor with palms toward the ceiling

2) now bend elbows and pull arms down into a “W” like you do in plies

3) look to the side and bring your hand down so that it is in line with the top of your shoulder on the floor. It’s important to bring each hand down to this level. Once arms and  hands are in place, look at the ceiling.

4) Lastly, press hands and elbows into floor and feel lats and torso contract!

Beginner position of arms/hands to activate lats: press elbows into floor at side of ribs.

Intermediate position of arms/hands to activate lats: hands in a Y with backs of hands pushing into floor, arms in a “W” with tops of hands in line with the shoulders.

Advanced position of arms/hands to activate lats: made a circle with thumbs and index finger. Put arms in the “W” with hands in line with shoulders. Press the circled thumb/index fingers into the floor.

Now you’re ready to do Awesome Legs, straddles, whatever with improved form – let’s do it!