thin waist woman in big shorts

Core Fitness: What it is and why it matters

Is your fitness program neglecting your core?

All movement begins from our center, the core.

Many forms of sports and fitness do not result in a strong center. Rather, they may add to problems with muscle imbalances that further weaken the core.

Core fitness is much, much more than abdominal work. How many people do you know who have toned abs but aching backs? Why not…

thin waist woman in big shorts

Cool Chi Workout Ideas

Chi with T-Tapp

Initially I was not interested in using any machines for fitness, but was simply invited to relax with my ankles in the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine with the Far Infra-Red Hot House gently soothing over my body during appointments with a health practitioner.

The spinal alignment, lymphatic cleansing, and feeling of incredible well-being meshed… so well with my T-Tapp experience that I took…