Craving T-Tapp After a Break

Friends ask me if I still T-Tapp and the answer is yes. Every day I sneak in some T-Tapp as I correct my posture when I find myself slouching or when my neck starts to ache. I also do bursts of Hoe-Downs and Butterflies because they pick up my energy and mood.

I did an experiment the last couple of months with included gentle morning yoga followed by 10 minutes on a rebounder. The yoga routine looked easy but to my dismay I wasn’t able to do even the really simple poses as first. But I knew what to do which was:

    • Show up and follow along as I gently showed my body what we were aiming to do.


    • Pay close attention to which side of my body was weaker and limit my stronger side to match that.


    • Celebrate every success no matter how small.


    Feel good about where I am every day and know I’ll soon be doing better.

Something I added to the rebounding was to include resting a broom handle behind my neck and lightly grasping it with palms facing forward. I love this and learned it from Teresa’s T-Tapp Broom.

After the first week my body was flexible enough to do all but one of the yoga poses. After 3 weeks I dropped from a jean size 16 to a 12. The menopause belly fat is rapidly melting and I credit part of this to not focusing on that but rather focusing on being kind to my body and gently moving it plus having some fun on the rebounder.

Another way to put the belly fat issue is this: I stopped feeling so ashamed to have it. For years it symbolized to me that I was a failure and so I struggled to get rid of it. But it was more stubborn than me.

More recently I told myself, “It’s ok. I love you anyway.” And even though I was lying at first, I grew to mean it.

Now that this miracle is real, I am craving to do one of my favorite T-Tapp routines which is a Better Booty Blast. More on this tomorrow.Margit Mehne with Richard