Crunch Smarter: Upgrade the classic crunch with T-Tapp technique

Aiming for flat abs that aren’t happening? Bad form can build a hard protruding tummy.

Here’s how to get flat abs with T-Tapp.

Keep those abs pulled in flat all the time.

Upgrade the classic crunch with improved technique:

1. Lie on floor with back flat, bent knees in line with hips, feet in line with knees, toes pointing straight.

2. Push feet into floor and transfer body weight to outer edges of feet. Slightly push knees outward as you tuck the pelvis. Feel a flattening stretch in the lower abs.

3. Clasp hands behind neck with elbows pointing straight out toward sides and hold them like this.

4. Keep head and neck straight, chin up always. Engage the back muscles.

5. Now, maintaining this form, slowly raise and lower your upper body for 20 to 30 reps. Flatten those abs, use absolutely no momentum, equal speed going up and coming down.

Work smarter not harder, with T-Tapp techniques.