Get Started T-Tapping!

Did you know you can try several of the T-Tapp moves for free? It’s a great way to quickly get a feel for how comprehensive and rehabilitative T-Tapping is.

Teresa Tapp, exercise physiologist/rehabilitative trainer

1. Do instructional videos first

Learning to T-Tapp can be compared to learning how to play the violin. You wouldn’t watch someone play that instrument on television or in person, then pick one up, and expect to be able to play a violin concerto.

Your body is a finely tuned and complicated instrument and T-Tapp is so comprehensive that is takes some learning to do it correctly.

That’s why the Instructional videos are so important. There are no shortcuts past these.

2. Pick a T-Tapp starter package.

Purchase your choice of T-Tapp starter package.

3. Measure, measure, measure!

Measure your body and take photos from front, back, and side. Many T-Tappers who don’t see the scale budge downward do see dramatic inch-loss. By measuring yourself and taking photos before you begin any T-Tapping, you create an important record that will help motivate and inspire you as your body changes.

Begin T-Tapp with the instructional that comes with each starter package. For example, use Instructional 1 if you have chosen the T-Tapp Total Workokut.

Follow Teresa’s instructions carefully, and don’t feel the need to rush through the instructional. Working to your body’s personal max, even as you are learning new movements, is more important than getting through a video quickly. Focus on your form, use the pause button frequently, and do your best to listen to the video’s, observe the moments, and feel your body work!

4. Get support

Join the T-Tapp Forum for support and answers. You can go it alone, but it’s easier and more fun with friends. The forums offer terrific T-Tapp support.

5. Consider doing a bootcamp

At some point, at the beginning or whenever you are ready, do a T-Tapp Bootcamp. This is 4 to 14 consecutive days of T-Tapp workouts. You may use your Instructionals as a workout or a T-Tapp Total Workout when you progress to that level. Wondering what a T-Tapp Bootcamp does?

6. Embrace the T-Tapp lifestyle

Fit T-Tapp into your life and keep going. You have the group on the forum plus the T-Tapp trainers and T-Tapp staff who are happy to answer your questions and help you to meet your goals.

Become your best – you can do it!