How to get the most from your T-Tapp sessions

1) Schedule an individual session or sign up for a class or clinic. Pre-register so they know to expect you.

Take the obvious first step: Show up.

Do not find an excuse and think you will simply go next time. There may not be a next time. What if next time may end up 5 years from now? Opportunities are all around you. If you want

to learn to T-Tapp and get the best results possible, then make this a priority.


2) Prepare. This means watch your Instructional videos. Write a list of questions that you have. Go over notes.

Workout if you have been, but you do not have to be in shape to show up. This training is to teach you how to get in shape with T-Tapp.


3) This is important: if you have never had your form checked and only T-Tapped from the videos, it is very wise to start with the Beginner or Basic Workout Plus class if one is offered.

This is your building block on which all of your T-Tapp form will build on. This is where you find out if your T-Tapp stance, flat back, shoulder alignment, etc. are for real…a very

important step for each of us.

A personal note: I believed mine was pretty darn good and it was not even close! I was mystified as to why I couldn’t learn it by myself…until Teresa could see me too, not just the other

way around.

4) Clothing. Wear what you feel most comfortable in but try not to go so baggy that we can’t see your form or you have clothing that restricts your full range of movement.

For instance, sleeveless tops are preferable to T-shirts that inhibit full shoulder rotation.

Those who simply put vanity aside and allow us to see their actual form benefit the most. Next time we see them, they wow us with their progress.

Wear sturdy shoes. Soles that flare out on the bottom such as  Skechers Energy are great for balance. They are not overly expensive either. Try some on when you have the chance.

Bring a water bottle, snacks, a small hand towel if you cannot clasp your hands behind your back. If you plan on doing floor moves, you may bring a yoga mat or larger towel.

5) Be open to learning new things. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Open up and share. Do your best and focus. T-Tapp is different from anything else out there.