The Wonders of a T-Tapp Bootcamp

Teresa Tapp, exercise physiologist/rehabilitative trainer

What’s the physiological plateau of a bootcamp, and why does it matter for you?

Our bodies are used to us expending a certain amount of energy and have adapted to our routines and habits.

A proper T-Tapp bootcamp is a healthy shock for our bodily systems – metabolic, circulatory system, digestion and assimilation, lymphatic…and more.

System on the Couch

The first couple of days our organs and internal systems don’t “get off the couch” so to speak. It’s like they’re sitting there watching TV and kind of irritated that you’re asking them to move…they are telling each other – “Don’t worry…she’ll stop soon….no need for us to supply more energy or oxygen…she’ll give up and head for the fridge in a minute…”

With T-Tapp you are moving and challenging your body in ways that other programs do not. You are working 5 – 8 muscle groups at a time and working them in very deep layers, you are opening neuro kinetic flow, paying attention to alignment, you are making your inner core work, you are getting to stabilizer muscles that you can’t see that have not been called upon much…you are insisting that your body start to work in an efficient way that likely it has not done for years (if it’s your first bootcamp).

Time to wake up, body!

When you do a workout, that is just the beginning. For hours following that your body is working harder to recover from that workout. When you keep the cycle going 4 days straight it’s very, very powerful – you are demanding your body to work at a new and more healthful level.

So when you complete Day 4 all systems are up off the couch and know you are serious and they have no choice…they’ve GOT to get with your program.

You can keep it working in this more efficient mode following 4 days straight by going every other day or taking 2 days off in a row, but when you drop down to 3 days off things start to slow down.

One more thing – in my experience – 4 day bootcamps work very well for me when I do not live in a bootcamp. You can’t shock your system if you never take days off.

Get started with T-Tapp today.