In 15 Minutes A Day

    ♦ get fit

    ♦ reverse aging

    ♦ rev metabolism

    ♦ sculpt & strengthen

    ♦ zap inflammation

    ♦ improve bone density

    ♦ rehab back & joints

    ... plus more!

Looking for a fitness program that fits INTO your life rather than having to fit your life around it?

Teresa Tapp is an exercise physiologist/rehabilitative trainer based in Safety Harbor, FL. She has spent years developing the T-Tapp program that works for anyone regardless of age or fitness level and can be done in the privacy of your own home. T-Tapp is a total body workout that is zero impact and uses no weights. It utilizes neuro-kinetic flow, left/right cognitive thinking, and the lymphatic system to deliver superior results. It is aerobic, rehabilitative for backs and knees, promotes spinal density and burns fat at a premium. T-Tapp builds long lean muscles and focuses on inch loss rather than weight loss. This workout method is based on the science of the body.

The T-Tapp workout leaves you feeling energized instead of drained

It leads to many health benefits such as better sleep habits,warmer hands and feet, better moods, less aches and pains in the back and knees, better skin and clarity of mind, to name a few. A fitness program for everyone (yes, everyone!)